St. John the Baptist Catholic Church
St. John the Baptist   Catholic Church

Mass Intentions:

April 1-30th, 2018 


The Power of the Mass is for you!  It is the sacrifice of sacrifices, because it is the sacrifice of God for us.


*Please note that some dates will change intention as more come in, the bulletins do not always match our website. *


4/1: +Joseph Hubschman   +Ken Grosse-Rhode


4/2: Donna Welchert


4/3: Marylee Hubschman


4/4: +Ray Zikas


4/5: People of Mawiet


4/6: Tom Macdissi


4/7: +Carrol Krause


4/8: +Lawrence Luettel 


4/9: Special Intention


4/10: Kathy Rosittio


4/11: Jesuits of Northwest India


4/12: Westin Peters


4/13: Special Intention


4/14: Tyler Prososki


4/15: +Roberta & Edward Cadger


4/16: Jen Janecek


4/17: Communion Service


4/18: Fred & Penny Barton


4/19: +Betty Ring Driver Communion Service


4/20: Special Intention


4/21: +John Camenzind


4/22: +Anna Zagata   +Teri Miller


4/23: +Lawrence & Florence Luettel


4/24: Communion Service


4/25: Tom Macdissi


4/26: Communion Service


4/27: Atticus Peters


4/28: Leann Ortmeier


4/29: Fr. Mario Rapose


4/30: +Betty Ring-Driver



For those who are serving our Country:

Joe Casey; Major Army, Kendra Welchert, Derek Sandhoefner; Master Sargent US Air Force, Jason & Lindsay Prieksat; Nebraska National Guard, Pat Kelly; Combat Medic United States Army, Mike & Dana Therkildsen; Navy, Chad Nixon; Firefighter/Paramedic Lincoln Fire, Andrea Casey Barnes; Detective Washington County Sheriff, Dan Mallory; Fire Apparatus Engineer Omaha Fire, & Tyler Fitzgerald; Private First Class Marine Corps.




For those who are in need of prayers:

Marylee Hubschman, Bonnie Welchert, Lois Josephson, Calla Ohlrich, Joe Miller, Joe & Rosemary Prochaska, Laura Lane, Eunice Jensen, Mary Snead, Lenny White, Bob Lewis, Scott S., Jay Robinson, Carol Craven, Tom Macdissi, Tom Wolford, Marv Nevins, Jeannie Vincent, Jeanne Macrander, Nick Tegels, Jeanne Fitzgerald, Fr. Jim Schwertley, Rose Kavanaugh, Colleen Bianchi,  Tyler Prososki & Marilyn Deanie Axt.




If you need prayers for you or your loved ones, please contact the parish office at 402-468-5348. All names will be left in our bulletin and on our website for one month unless notified.


Where to Find Us:

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church
215 N 13th St
PO Box 148
Fort Calhoun, NE 68023

Phone: 402-468-5348

St. Francis Borgia:


Fax: 402-468-4619

Mass Times

Daily Mass Monday thru Friday (except holidays)



Saturday Mass Times

5:00 pm

Sunday Mass Times

8:00 am

9:30 am


Sacrament of Penance: 

Saturdays: 4:15-4:45 PM


*You  can call the parish office to schedule

an individual

appointment time.* 


Business Office Hours

Monday: 9 am - 3 pm

Tuesday: 9 am - 12 pm

St. Francis Borgia:


Wednesday: 9 am-  3 pm

Thursday: 9 am - 12pm

St. Francis Borgia:


Friday: 9 am - 3 pm

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